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VIP-Polymers has 100+ years of manufacturing experience. Our modern manufacturing facilities include injection moulding, compression moulding and extrusion

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VIP-Polymers Ltd & VIPSeal®

Since 1923 VIP-Polymers have been at the forefront of polymer engineering and are now recognised as one of the leading global providers of sealing solutions for a number of applications:
  • Pipelines for the transportation of drinking and dirty water.
  • Tunnels, ensuring they remain watertight.
  • Rail, having developed a number of sealing, noise suppression and anti-vibration components.
  • Low/Non pressurised pipe seals, connections & adaptors. 

VIP-Polymers manufactures over 3,000 products and has introduced many new proprietary products for pipeline applications, notably VIP-WecoVIPSeal® and VIPER Tyton Sit.

VIPSeal® Flexible Couplings

as the pipe technology market has diversified, the range of materials sizes and designs has created ever more complex sealing challenges with no two installations being the same. 

VIP-Polymers recognised this and responded to the market by innovating in the area of materials, design and full in-house engineering profiles with VIPSeal®

Designed to perform and engineered to last – VIPSeal® is a versatile range of flexible couplings and adaptors for joining and repairing low/non pressure pipes of any materials and size combination.

Manufactured at our state of the art UK facility, every product in the VIPSeal® range meets the requirements of UK and International Standards

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About the range

Tension & Shear Bands

Engineered for optimum resistance in most soil conditions, VIPSeal® heavy duty tension bands and shear bands are manufactured from 1.4301(304) austenitic stainless steel for general applications.For higher corrosion or contaminated ground areas and marine environments, grade 1.4401(316) stainless steel should be specified to eliminate the need for protective tape.

Elastomeric Sleeves

All VIPSeal® elastomeric sleeves are manufactured in-house using the highest quality raw materials to create the finest EPDM, SBR, NBR and FKM synthetic rubber.As such, the coupling sleeves offer excellent resistance to sewerage and drainage effluent. Where hydrocarbons, fats, oils or greases may be present, nitrile rubber (NBR) should be used. VIPSeal® also manufacture in FKM for applications where higher chemical resistance is required at special request. VIPSeal® rubber components are kitemarked in compliance with BS EN 681-1.


Pressure Resistance Correctly installed VIPSeal® couplings will withstand the following maximum pressures:Range Pressure up to Standard couplings with or without bushes (VSC/VBC) 2.5 bar Standard large and extra wide couplings with or without bushes (VLC/VLCW/VBC) 1.5 bar Standard extra wide couplings (VSCW) 2.5 bar Wraparound couplings (VWRC) 0.6 bar Drain couplings (VDC) 0.6 bar Adaptor couplings (VAC) 0.6 bar

Standards & Approvals

CE | UKCA | BS EN681-1 (KM 07729) | BS EN295-4 (KM 560418) | WIS 4-41-01 (KM 560419) | DIBt (Z-42.5-544) | Approval of Sanitary Materials Godkendelse (VA2.23/20726) | AS/NZS 4327:1995 (CMARK Cert No. 3018) | AS/NZS 4327:1995 (WaterMark Cert No. 23304)

Explanation of the VIPSeal family


The VIPSeal®Plumb range Is Designed For Connecting Pipes With Differing Outside Diameters For A Smaller Range Of Pipes In Low/Non-Pressure Plumbing Applications. Consisting of couplings, adaptors, elbows, tees and end caps, they are manufactured from EPDM rubber, offering the same performance and temperature range operation as all other VIPSeal® products.

VIPSeal Plus

VIPSealPlus is manufactured from peroxide cured EPDM which is superior to the sulphur cured variant for elevated temperature applications and for applications that have to endure steam. Peroxide cured EPDM is recommended as continuous temperatures rise above 60⁰C for many years of leak free service is assured up to temperatures of 125⁰C. Peroxide cured EPMD has the same chemical compatibility as the standard VIPSeal range (sulphur cured EPDM).


VIPSealXtra is manufactured from sulphur cured Nitrile which is an effective material for applications that are exposed to mineral oils, fats and greases when constant temperatures remain below 60⁰C.


VIPSealXtraPlus is manufactured from peroxide cured Nitrile which is superior to the sulphur cured variant for elevated temperature applications.Peroxide cured Nitrile as continuous temperatures rise above 60⁰C for many years of leak free service is assured up to temperatures of 100⁰C.


VIPSealChem is manufactured from FKM which can cope with elevated continuous temperature applications up to 200°C. It’s resistance to a wide range of chemicals makes it the perfect choice for industrial and food applications.


VIPSealXtreme is manufactured from FFKM and is suitable for applications found in chemical and process industries. With a resistance to aggressive chemicals and CWT exceeding 200°C , VIPSealXtreme is designed for the toughest conditions.

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