An urgent repair to a damaged low pressure large diameter drainage pipe connected to a Water Pump station in Galway Ireland.

VIP-Polymers were contacted by the contractor with a requirement for a method to install a replacement section of ductile iron pipe onto the existing but failed section of concrete pipe which had a large difference in OD.

This was an urgent repair due to the Pump station having to be taken off line while the repair was undertaken.

Due to the differences in OD of the two pipes, there was a need for the use of a number of VIPSeal Fabricated Bushes (VBC), which were to be stacked allowing for a customer made Standard Large Coupling (VLC) 1165 OD to be installed and tightened down into place.

In total 8 x VBC bushes which varied in size were manufacture in less than 5 hours and 2 x VLC couplings and Stainless Steel tension and shear bands where packed and placed into the VIPSeal representatives car for the trip from Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire over to the site in Galway, Ireland overnight arriving on site the following day.

The VIPSeal representative stayed onsite to give any technical advice while the installation was in progress. 72 hours after the initial requirement had been received by VIP-Polymers the new section of pipe had been installed ready for testing and sign off by the local authorities. 

Whatever the scale of your sealing challenge, our large couplings are engineered, designed and custom built to solve it.