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LEARN MORE Designed to perform,

VIPSEAL BANNER LEARN MORE Flexible Couplings and Adaptors

applications include:
coupling to join plain ended pipes,
repair to damaged sections of pipe,
where pipe diameters or materials differ,
joining short of cut lengths of pipe
as a connection for soil, waste and vent pipes.

Size range - 50mm > 2099mm

Suitable for above & below ground drainage systems, that require high resistance to a wide range of chemicals or increased temperatures.

meets eN681-1 WB/WD & EN295-4 standards

Size range - 50mm > 2099mm

LEARN MORE Flexible Rubber Plumbing Fittings

Suitable for many domestic drain, waste, vent & commercial plumbing applications.
Connection of plain ended pipes of the same or differing diameters & Materials.
easy installation & watertight seal.
Range of Couplings, Adaptors, Tees, Elbows & end caps.
Size range - 24mm > 118mm

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Years of manufacturing heritage

About US
Built to last, with the latest designs & Best Materials

VIPSeal® is a versatile range of flexible couplings and adaptors for joining and repairing low pressure and non-pressurised pipes of any material and size combination.

The Benefits
when installed correctly a VIPSeal coupling will last over 100 years, exceeding the life of the pipe

Designed & Manufactured in the UK

At our multi-million pound, state-of-the-art UK production facilities in Cambridgeshire

Constructed with the highest quality raw materials

With our in-house chemists and materials experts and over 100 years of polymer design, we are able to create the most reliable range of pipe seals on the market.

Constant research and development

With the ever changing demands placed on pipe manufactures and developments in technology VIP-Polymers are constantly developing new seal designs and products.

Tested to UK & International performance standards

All products in the VIPSeal range are tested to meet or exceed a range of UK and International standards and product specific tests.

Designed for Ease of Use

The simple but effective design of the VIPSeal profile allows for easy and reliable installation with minimal mess and cost.

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