The VIPSeal® Sales team have received their first full EV Car!

VIP-Polymers have taken the corporate decision to replace its current Petrol/Diesel/Hybrid fleet of company cars with full EV models.

By the 3rd quarter of 2023, it is hoped that all members of staff using a company car will be driving in full EV models.

The first of the VIPSeal® sales managers (Lee Davies) took delivery of his new KIA Niro at the end of June, and after a full charge at VIP-Polymers Offices was off on the road visiting our customers.

We are committed to reducing our Carbon Footprint whilst supporting all our merchants and independents.

So far Lee hasn’t become a slave to the range anxiety, but that can all change, so when you see him pull up in your car park, make sure you chuck him an extension lead to plug the car in.

To learn more about VIP-Polymer’s move to EV company cars head to the news section on the website