The VIPSeal® Brochure is now live!

It has been some time since we updated the brochure, in fact, we believe it could have been over 4 years!

Since the last brochure update, the VIPSeal® range has grown, with a number of new products being introduced. Some of the more notable product launches are;

• VIPSeal®Plumb – a dedicated range of smaller diameter couplings, adaptors, elbows, tees and end caps specifically designed for use in low/non-pressure domestic/commercial or aquatic applications.  Sizing starts from 24mm dia up to 95mm.  The flexibility of the rubber allows for ease of fitting even in the tightest of spots.

 VWS-570 Thin-walled Tank and Pipe seals – these seals have been designed specifically for applications where the wall thickness is between 3-8mm, providing excellent sealing performance & significant angular deflection possibilities.

VPS-Saddle – a universal side connection which allows fitment to all pipes, irrespective of material, nominal size and thickness of the wall.  With the addition of the extension tubes, the saddle can be installed on pipes with a minimum thickness of 7mm.

VIPSeal®Chem – we have added a larger range of Chem couplings and adaptors to the range.

A digital copy of the latest VIPSeal® brochure can be viewed below or downloaded HERE.