VIPSealChem – Chemical Couplings


The Chemical Resistant Flexible Sealing Solution

Manufactured from FKM synthetic rubber, the new Patent Pending VIPSealChem is the latest addition to the VIPSeal® range for use in low and non-pressurised applications where a high chemical resistance is required and other synthetic rubber materials such as EPDM, SBR and NBR are unsuitable.

VIPSealChem chemical couplings are manufactured to meet the demanding requirements of EN681-1 WB/WD and EN295-4 and along with providing a flexible and watertight connection on above and below ground drainage systems that require high resistance to a wide range of chemicals, VIPSealChem also operates in a wide range of temperatures.

Industry Applications

Due to its high resistance to a wide range of chemicals and temperatures, VIPSealChem is suitable for the following applications:

  • Chemical and Process Industries
  • Pharmaceutical, Medical and Research Laboratories
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Breweries
  • Dairies
  • Hospitals
  • Badly Contaminated Ground
  • Areas Susceptible to Fuel Spillages

Reduced Installation Times

As VIPSealChem’s chemical resistant properties lie in the FKM synthetic rubber that is used to manufacture the seal, there is no need for the use of a fluoropolymer (FEP) liner or expanded PTFE seals (which are commonly used on other chemical resistant sealing solutions). Because of this, they are as simple to install as any other seal within the VIPSeal® range, allowing dramatic time savings to be made on both installation and repairs along with providing a more consistent sealing performance.


VIPSealChem Installation

Increased Range of Applications

By not using a  fluoropolymer (FEP) liner or expanded PTFE seals, VIPSealChem is able to be manufactured as an adaptor coupling. This application allows pipes with significantly different outside diameters to be joined, ensuring VIPSealChem can be used without the needs to make further alterations to existing pipes or prefabricated structures.


VIPSealChem Adaptor Coupling

High and Low Temperature Service

FKM can be rated for long term service at 200⁰C without marked degradation of either the molecular structure or mechanical properties of the polymer. Under some service conditions and for reduced periods of exposure, temperature of above 300⁰C can be tolerated. FKM is also serviceable in dynamic applications down to -15⁰C and in static applications will perform well down to -30⁰C.

For applications where an extreme temperature resistance is required but aggressive chemicals are not present, VIPSeal® flexible couplings can be manufactured in peroxide cured EPDM (EPDMp). Speak to our technical department for further details.

Chemical and Fluid Resistance

FKM has excellent resistance to hot oils, synthetic lubricants, gasolines, JP fuels, commercial dry cleaning fluids, aqueous acids/bases and many other organic solvents and chemicals (see below for performance rating summary):

Excellent Resistance (Little or no effect)
Automotive Fuels and Oils
Hydrocarbon Solvent
Aircraft Fuels and Oils
Hydraulic Fluids
Certain Chlorinated Solvents
Good to Excellent Resistance (moderate effect)
Highly Aromatic Solvents
Polar Solvents
Water and Salt Solutions
Aqueous Acids
Dilute Alkaline Solutions
Oxidative Environments
Not Recommended
Strong Caustic, Ammonia
Certain Polar Solvents (Methyl Ethyl Ketone)


For a comprehensive guide of the chemical compatibility of the VIPSealChem range, download a copy of our Chemical Compatibility Guide (below):

Chemical Compatibility Guide.

For further information on the suitability or recommendation of any particular material, please contact our technical team

or contact 0800 334 5547 and ask for the technical department.

Installation Guide

From cutting the pipe to achieving a complete watertight seal, our step by step walkthrough shows you exactly how to install our VIPSealChem couplings.

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VIPSealChem Couplings

View all sizing options for VIPSealChem couplings in our information table.

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VIPSeal® is available through our network of national distributors. For urgent requirements, VIPSeal® can also dispatch from our factory direct to site anywhere in the UK, using an overnight carrier service with a choice of time slots to suit your project needs.