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The VIPSeal®Plum Plumbing Range is designed for connecting pipes with differing outside diameters for a smaller range of pipes in low/non-pressure plumbing applications.

Consisting of couplings, adaptors, elbows, tees and end caps, they are manufactured from EPDM rubber, offering the same performance and temperature range operation as all other VIPSeal® products.

• For domestic, commercial or aquatic low-pressure applications only.
• To connect plain ended pipes of the same or different diameters.
• To make repairs to damaged pipework by using short sections of pipe plus VIPSealPlumb EPDM fittings.
• End caps are perfect for permanent cleanouts or temporary protective caps to prevent ingress of dirt and can also be used for air testing by inserting a nipple connection (not supplied).

• Suitable for above and below ground (non-adoptable) installations (excluding tees & elbows).
• Fast and multipurpose range of products for many domestic drain, waste ,vent and commercial plumbing applications.
• Commercial kitchens- suitable for high temperature “shock” discharge, e.g dishwasher
• A watertight seal
• Perfect for repairs, whether this is permanent or temporary
• VIPSealPlumb EPDM is a “flexi-fit” fitting to be installed on any pipe material
• Easy to install, no special tools required using a torque wrench, screwdriver, nut driver or socket
• Ideal for working in tight or confined spaces. E.g under a basin, sink, bath etc

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VIPSealPlumb Range

View the complete range of VIPSealPlumb products - including Couplings, Adaptors, Tees, Elbows, End Caps an Rainwater/Waste adaptors.

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VIPSeal® is available through our network of national distributors. For urgent requirements, VIPSeal® can also dispatch from our factory direct to site anywhere in the UK, using an overnight carrier service with a choice of time slots to suit your project needs.