VPS Saddle

The VPS Saddle is a Universal interactive side connection which allows fitment to all pipes, irrespective of material, nominal size and thickness of the wall.

It does this with the use of its unique internal seal and extensions which allow for a watertight seal no matter what the application.

There are two main variations of the VPS Saddle available based on the diameter of the connection pipe – 150 or 200.

Once the correct sizing for the connection pipe is confirmed you have two options available subject to the overall wall thickness

TYPE A – for wall thickness >50mm (>120mm max thickness before extensions needed)

TYPE B – for wall thickness >7mm (>80mm max thickness before extensions needed)

Additional extension tubes are available where the thickness of the wall exceeds the maximum allowance of the VPS Saddle.

These extension tubes can be added indefinitely, allowing for any thickness wall to be fitted with the VPS saddle securely and effectively.

Any spalling left (specifically in concrete pipes) from the drilling of the bore is covered by the saddle itself, and the saddle can be fitted into non-centric bore holes with ease.

The unique rubber skirt/gasket at the base of the saddle allows for a water-tight fitment which will follow the internal bore of the pipe perfectly.  Once inserted into the pipe and with the tightening of the collar the seal is drawn up into the internal wall of the pipe to complete the seal.

For situations where there is a crack or damage in the host pipe, VIPSeal can supply stainless steel saddle plates in a range of sizing to suit the job (more details below).

Once installed the VPS Saddle allows for up to 14⁰ of angular deflection.

MPA tested No. 2200012229 with 2.5 bar and 25 times the shear load (without support).

For further information or advice on the VPS Saddle please contact the technical team.


or contact 0800 334 5547 and ask for the technical department.

Installation Guide

From the initial prepping of the pipe to achieving a complete watertight seal, our step by step walkthrough shows you exactly how to install our VIPSeal® VPS Saddle correctly.

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VPS Saddle Complete Spec Sheet and Accessories.

Attached is the full spec sheet and all available accessories for the VPS Saddle. For further information please contact our technical team.

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VIPSeal® is available through our network of national distributors. For urgent requirements, VIPSeal® can also dispatch from our factory direct to site anywhere in the UK, using an overnight carrier service with a choice of time slots to suit your project needs.