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VSPD Impact Wall Seal

VSPD Impact Wall Seal

  • Product Range
  • Product Type
    Wall Seal
  • Material
    EPDM Rubber / PVC
  • Size Range
    28 - 1500mm

VSPD Impact Wall Seal

The VSPD Impact Wall Seal has an unique annular gap compression system that enables fast, reliable and universal fitment of pipes into existing structures.

The design of the VSPD Impact Wall Seal is suitable for flat faced installations as well as curved sufaces to allow installation of any pipe material from 28mm to 1500mm OD and create a water tight seal at a tested pressure of 2.5 bar.

VSPD Pipe Examples

The VSPD Impact Wall Seal has been designed to fit both flat faced surfaces and curved faced surfaces due to it unique and flexible EPDM rubber seal, which when installed correctly creates a water tight seal tested up to 2.5bar.

Flat Faced Surfaces

They can be used for a number of applications:

VSPD Flat Faced Surfaces
VSPD Curved Faced Surfaces

Flat Faced Surfaces

They can be used for a number of applications:

Easy Installation

VSPD Install Step 1

Step 1

Remove any loose material from the core, taking extra care to remove any sharp edges.

VSPD Install Step 2

Step 2

Insert the VSPD into the cleaned core, making sure the rubber seal sits correctly against the inside of the core.

VSPD Install Step 3

Step 3

Insert the pipe into the wall seal to the disired depth and support the opposite end.

VSPD Install Step 4

Step 4

Start pressing the red tabs into the seal, working your way from one side of the seal to the other to make sure the pipe is central in the seal

VSPD Install Step 5

Step 5

After checking the pipe for position, using a hammer, work your way around the seal to engage the tabs fully, creating a water/air tight seal.

VSPD Install Step 6

Step 6

Once completed check the final position of the pipe and any movement. The tabs can be pulled back out of the seal if adjustments are required.

VSPD Multi Adaptable Seal


The VSPD Multi is the same as the standard VSPD Impact Wall Seals, but with the addition of 5 increasing sized rubber inserts, which can be removed depending on the application.

The VSPD Multi is available for 100mm cores and allows pipes/cables from 25mm upto 65mm to be placed through the seal.

Universal Fit for any possibility

Any application is possible using a VSPD, no matter what the original core size is, should you require a small inner diameter the VSPD acts like a modular kit to allow much smaller OD pipes to fit.  This is achieved by using either an additional VSPD to reduce the inner OD or with rubber bushes.  In both cases the final application is still water/air tight.

Additionally we are able to manufacture bespoke sizes – should you require a bespoke application please contact the sales team to discuss your requirements.


Where the OD specifications of the correct VSPD for the core exceed the pipe/cable OD being inserted, the addition of an extra VSPD to reduce the OD to the correct size can be used.

VSPD - VBC Bush Install

VSPD + VBC Bushes

In instances where there is a small differnece in OD specifications and OD of the pipe/cable being inserted, the addition of one or multiple bushes can be used to create a water/air tight seal.

VSPD - Eccentric Ring Install 1


The DELTA-Ring is to be used in eccentric applications.*This is a special order item, contact our technical team for further details and advice.

VBC Bush Rings

Made from EPDM Rubber these are only to be used when there is the following;

  • if the tolerances are greater than specified
  • if the core hole is larger than sepcified
  • for adaption into manholes/pipe sockets
VBC Bush Install Diagram
VBC Bush 1

Bush Rings Pipe OD

Rubber Thickness

Use in Core Drilling

Use in VSPD

Installation Depth


Reference Notes




Bush ring installaed to the outside of the VSPD

(Ref A)

Bush ring installed to the inside of the VSPD

(Ref B)






Other sizes available on request

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