Tension and shear bands

Engineered for optimum resistance in most soil conditions, VIPSeal® heavy duty tension bands and shear bands are manufactured from 1.4301(304) austenitic stainless steel for general applications.

For higher corrosion or contaminated ground areas and marine environments, grade 1.4401(316) stainless steel should be specified to eliminate the need for protective tape.

Elastomeric sleeves

All VIPSeal® elastomeric sleeves are manufactured in-house using the highest quality raw materials to create the finest EPDM, SBR, NBR and FKM synthetic rubber.

As such, the coupling sleeves offer excellent resistance to sewerage and drainage effluent. Where hydrocarbons, fats, oils or greases may be present, nitrile rubber (NBR) should be used. VIPSeal® also manufacture in FKM for applications where higher chemical resistance is required at special request. VIPSeal® rubber components are kitemarked in compliance with BS EN 681-1.