VIP Polymers Company Overview
VIP-Polymers Company Overview

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Who are VIP-Polymers

VIP-Polymers was established in 1923 as a manufacture of rubber seals for the patented “Victaulic Coupling”.

VIP-Polymers are a British manufacture with its sole manufacturing facility based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.  They also have a team of in-house laboratory staff, research & technical design team, testing facilities and manufacturing teams, giving them total vertical integration and full control of the complete manufacturing process.  VIP-Polymers operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and BS EN ISO 14001:2015

Over the years VIP Polymers developed new processes and rubber compounds allowing them to extend the product range and open new routes to market, such as gaskets for tunnel segments, rail support products, pipe seals and no dig repair systems.

Whilst working with a number of key pipe manufactures supplying OEM seals and gaskets, a notable gap in the market place was taken advantage of and one of the most notable additions to the VIP-Polymers portfolio of products,the VIPSeal brand was introduced into the marketplace allowing easy  connection of new PVC pipes to existing ductile iron and clay drainage systems.

An introduction to the VIPSeal brand

The VIPSeal brand is made up of several core products, most notably the Standard Flexible Couplings, Drain Couplings and Adaptor Couplings.

(We will go into more detail about each of these products in dedicated training modules later).

All the VIPSeal elastomeric sleeves are manufactured in-house using the highest quality raw materials to create the finest EPDM, SBR, NBR or FKM synthetic rubber that complies and is kitemarked to guidelines for pipework and pipelines under BS EN 681 Part1:1996.
As such, the coupling sleeves offer excellent resistance to sewerage and drainage effluent. To finish off the product VIPSeal heavy duty tension and shear bands are manufactured from 1.4301(304) austenitic stainless steel for longevity.
When installed correctly VIPSeal couplings have a design life of 100 years – exceeding that of the pipe. They are suitable for use above and below ground usually without any additional protection due the high-quality materials used in their manufacturing.
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The core product ranges from VIPSeal (VDC, VAC, VSC, VBC, VSCW & VLCW) meets several UK and International standards such as BE EN 295:2013, WIS 4-41-01 as well as DIBT/MPA (Germany) VA (Scandinavia) and WSAA (Australasia).  The core range has also been designed to withstand air and water tests in the construction and testing of drains and sewers as specified in BS EN 1610. Which are required for Adoption (7th Edition) and Approved Document H of the Building Regulation April 2002.

The VIPSeal Family

Where hydrocarbons, higher heat tolerance or chemical resistance is needed VIPSeal have a wider family of rubber compounds available to suit a wide range of applications.

(We will go into more detail about each of these products in dedicated training modules later).

VIPSeal Family Products
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The future of VIP-Polymers & VIPSeal

VIP-Polymers are constantly innovating and developing new processes, materials, and products across the whole business, such as developing new products, developing new materials using recycled rubber, increasing production capacity with new tooling and technology, or reducing its overall Carbon Footprint.

The most recent addition to the VIPSeal range is a complete range of EPDM Flexible Rubber Plumbing fittings, designed specifically for commercial and residential plumbing applications.

The range itself consists of Couplings, Adaptors, Elbows, Tees and End Caps ranging from 24mm Dia to 118mm Dia.