VIPSealChem is the latest addition to the VIPSeal® flexible coupling range for use in low and non-pressurised applications.

Did you spot the difference?


That’s easy…It’s green!

Correct…but with VIPSealChem there’s more than meets the eye. We wanted to create a seal that would provide the same sealing performance as our products in the VIPSeal® range whilst being able to perform in extreme environments.

The challenge during product development was that it had to remain as easy to install as any other product within the VIPSeal® range.

VIPSealChem Installation

So what is the difference?

VIPSealChem is resistant to a higher range of chemicals and an increased range of temperatures than any other product within the VIPSeal® range…..

…..however, unlike other chemical resistant flexible couplings available on the market, there are no additional components, making the installation process as easy as our standard range, saving time and money in new installations and reducing downtime when making repairs to existing pipelines.

VIPSealChem Adaptor Coupling

It has also allowed us to make VIPSealChem available as an adaptor coupling. This application allows pipes with significantly different outside diameters to be joined, ensuring VIPSealChem can be used without the need to make further alterations to existing pipes or prefabricated structures.

Want to know more about VIPSealChem?

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