VAC Plumbing Adaptors

When there is a significant difference in the outside diameter of pipes VIPSeal® adaptor couplings close the gap.

The adaptor couplings are step moulded and fitted with two stainless steel tension bands, providing a sealing solution that’s quick and robust.

Size range from 24mm up to 92mm, specficially designed for domestic and commercial plumbing applications.

Ref No.Size RangeWidth
VAC342830-34 / 24-28mm70mm
VAC403232-40 / 24-32mm70mm
VAC433538-43 / 30-35mm70mm
VAC503240-50 / 24-32mm70mm
VAC504040-50 / 32-40mm70mm
VAC564348-56 / 38-43mm70mm
VAC654250-65 / 35-42mm70mm
VAC684360-68 / 38-43mm70mm
VAC756470-75 / 59-64mm70mm
VAC905075-90 / 40-50mm70mm
VAC906475-90 / 50-64mm70mm
VAC925682-92 / 48-56mm80mm
VAC926882-92 / 60-68mm80mm